Cerapedics: Revolutionising data management with a bespoke CRM solution and TypeForm integration. 

Cerapedics are creators of a ground-breaking bone graft technology and work with hospitals worldwide. We worked with them to revolutionise the way they manage and track data. They have moved from spreadsheets to an automated, bespoke system to manage their engagements, touchpoints, and sales.


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What was the client's opportunity?

Cerapedics needed a new way to manage many touchpoints with their clients and partners. The data they accumulate from engagements with hospitals and medical professionals is varied. Managing this manually with spreadsheets was tricky. They have many customers, distributers and stakeholders that operate internationally. They needed a tech transformation to drive efficiencies and create more opportunities.

What was the solution?

We first used our workshop methodology to truly understand the processes and issues that Cerapedics face day to day. Time from workshop to starting work was short, with the project underway within a matter of days. We then used Claris FileMaker with a TypeForm Claris Connect integration to create a bespoke CRM solution to manage the many engagements Cerapedics have with customers and hospitals. They can now gain oversights of customer touchpoints, clinical study data, and hospital data. They can use this to make strategic decisions and be proactive with their customer meetings.

How did our work make a difference?

Cerapedics’ previously Excel-heavy and manual process is now fully automated with their new FileMaker System. They can efficiently manage follow-ups, flag individuals, and keep track of contacts. Meanwhile product and sales data links into their new system from TypeForm. They are now proactively selling products in a data-driven and intelligent way. They have access to reports and data such as revenue and sales. These are displayed at the hospital level and mean that the team can easily forecast future sales. They can also access utilisation reports, based on the volume of products used during case studies in hospitals. This integration with TypeForm provides the Cerapedics team with product usage reports across hospitals and procedures.

Key facts and figures.

Predicted increase in client engagements


Spreadsheets no longer needed


New reports available to team


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