1 day of development could transform your Claris FileMaker system

A number of our clients say they were initially wary about approaching us for help with their existing FileMaker system. A common fear is that any valuable system update will mean weeks of development work and high costs. Very often we find that the outcome is quite the opposite. A few small, quick changes made by an experienced FileMaker expert can make a huge difference to your business. We thought we would share some of the benefits of just one day of FileMaker system development with one of our team. You can learn more about FileMaker here.

Get rid of nagging issues in your Filemaker System

No matter how well built a system is, nearly all database users have a mental list of nagging issues with their system. This is a bugbear for anyone using business software on a daily basis. In isolation, these relatively minor issues aren’t problematic but numerous nagging issues building up across a system can be incredibly detrimental to the user experience. They cause frustration and can eventually lead to a loss of faith in the product. Our developer will meet with your nominated main user and find out your biggest frustrations with your system and we will work alongside you to resolve them. We have found that end users feel empowered by being able to have a direct input into their database and it’s remarkable how many nagging issues you can resolve in just a day to leave your system feeling fresh and usable again.

A certified Claris FileMaker developer to build on your work

The beauty of Claris FileMaker is that anyone can buy a copy and start building their own bespoke database. You can create functional software with a relatively modest investment of time. The trouble with this is that you may be missing out on so many of the great tools that FileMaker has in its armoury. The good news is that one of our FileMaker accredited developers can take your software to the next level by making recommendations on how to improve efficiency and make your employees lives much easier. As they work alongside you, they can even pass on some of the tip and tricks they’ve learned from their years of developing systems and keep you up to date on the latest innovations in the FileMaker platform.

Benefit from our cross-industry experience

Due to the nature of our business, our developers have experience developing custom business systems for a huge range of industries. As such, not only are they more likely to be familiar with the broad scope of your business needs, but they are also in a great position to recommend future improvements to your software based on issues they have encountered before and solutions they have deployed on similar systems.

Peace of mind  

Are you concerned that the security of your system could be compromised? Maybe you no longer have absolute faith that your system is working as originally intended? Or are you convinced that there must be an easier way to accomplish your business needs? Our developers can put your mind at ease by undertaking a full review of your system security or providing an effective MOT on your system’s core health and making the appropriate recommendations. Very often our clients find it invaluable for someone with an objective approach to shine a light on potential issues with their business processes, so they can plan a more effective approach going forwards.

Get in touch for a free 30 minute consultation

If you think your FileMaker system could benefit from a day’s development with one of our experts and you would like to find out more, please get in touch.

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