Laravel Development.

We are a leading Laravel Development Agency based in London, UK.

Our experienced Laravel developers use this PHP framework to create apps and website portals, and solve problems for organisations of many types and sizes.

Laravel Development Agency London

By using Laravel development to build clever apps for automation, we have saved companies hundreds of thousands of pounds. These are some of the ways that we have helped our clients:

Pull in data.

From a 3rd party supplier.

Improve efficiency of teams.

Requesting and passing information from one team to another.

Questions and answers

To reduce support costs.

Improve human process with data.

Processing millions of real time location data points to help with efficiency of a human process.

Data to inform business decisions.

Creating taxonomy for multinational businesses so they can make more informed decisions on business direction.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that is designed to make it easier to develop web apps. There are several benefits to using Laravel for digital project development. Here are the main things we think help our clients and make it one of the most popular PHP frameworks:


It makes developing faster

Laravel has built-in features which make it easier to develop faster and this makes it extremely popular with software developers.


It has ready-built modules

Laravel has a modular set up with packages which means you can add functionality to your Laravel App, without writing it from scratch. You either write your own packages, if you are going to use them repeatedly, or can install Laravel’s own ready-to-use packages.


It is secure

Advanced security measures are easy to set up in Laravel and regularly updated. It also has great user authentication.


Testing is automated

This is a key feature of Laravel.


Easy integration

Laravel’s APIs makes it easy to integrate with any third-party apps you might want to use.

How can we help you?

Our Laravel developers have used this technology to create solutions for businesses of every size and industry. These are some examples of the ways we have helped our clients.

Information management systems

Custom software development

Web & mobile application development

Content management systems

eCommerce shopping cart systems

Membership & intranet websites

Web hosting & server management

Database development

Software auditing & security consulting

Laravel Integration.

Laravel’s APIs makes integration with other apps amazingly easy. We have used Laravel to link to many third-party applications.

Along with expanding Laravel’s capabilities, such as using AI/machine learning and elastic search functionality from services such as Amazon’s AWS.

Laravel Support and Maintenance?

Once we have built your Laravel app or portal our London based team can provide ongoing maintenance and support. Or if you have an existing Laravel Web Portal or Application we can work with you to maintain, improve or extend this.

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