What is Claris FileMaker?
The world’s leading workplace innovation platform.

What is Claris FileMaker? The Claris Platform is a low code environment that allows you create apps to improve business processes. Using the Claris FileMaker platform you can rapidly build apps you can’t find anywhere using advanced tech like Cloud, mobile, and AI. Using Claris Connect you can connect to other Apps to automate your workflows.

We are an Award-Winning Claris Platinum Partner

We are one of the UK’s leading Claris FileMaker Development Companies, a Claris Business Alliance Platinum Partner and we have a largest team of accredited Claris FileMaker Developers in the UK. If you already have a Claris FileMaker system our dedicated team can support you. Read about Existing System Support for your Claris FileMaker System.

Claris Platinum Partner

Do you need help with Claris FileMaker Hosting or Licensing?

As well as Claris FileMaker Development, as a Claris Platinum Partner, we can also help you with Claris FileMaker licensing and hosting. Licensing options can be broad, and we can advise on what would suit your organisation best. Similarly, the right hosting options can mean you really make the most of a Claris set up. See our Existing System Support page to find out more about Hosting and Licensing.

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