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Do you need help identifying your technology needs? 

To give accurate advice on the best solution for your business, we first need to understand the problems you are facing. Our team has worked in almost every industry. We have the skills to analyse your business and provide advice on the best steps for using technology to improve the way you work.

Unlike most business consultants you may ask us to build the solution we recommend, so the better we do, the easier we make things for ourselves. We use industry-standard business analysis and consultancy processes and have diverse knowledge. Our assistance will stretch way beyond recommending software apps. We will look at your business and how it functions before providing advice. Our clients often comment that this is a service that they can’t easily find.

Business Analysis.

This is about gathering the nitty-gritty detail about how your business runs and not necessarily about technology. 

Therefore, it shouldn’t be intimidating. We want to understand it and be able to explain it to our team, so we can do the best job possible.

There are lots of different planning tools that we use to do this, and you can expect things like mind-maps, requirement docs, workflow definitions, and requirement lists. You’ll get to sign off what we record so you know we’re heading in the right direction. We’ll also create docs with the sole purpose of briefing the team so there is no breakdown in communication.

What are the 5 things hurting your business?

This is an example of one of the specific questions that we will try to answer for you. In both large and smaller businesses, the needs and problems can be wide and overwhelming. Getting lost in the consulting stage costs money and time. We find that by breaking down the issues, it is easier to break down the project into manageable deliverable pieces of work that we can get started on as soon as possible.

Tested and trusted methods

When you are trying to determine the best way forward as a business, you want a solid bedrock to build on and make decisions against. To help our clients with this we only use business consultancy methods that are industry-standard approaches. We also follow the Agile Development Process.

Business Consulting Options with We Know Data.

Strategy Workshop

Undertaking a software project can have many challenges for businesses. To help you get your project kicked off, we always stick to deciding these three things within a workshop.



What do you need?


What budget is required to achieve this?


What is the timeline?

Many clients report having had bad experiences with workshops in the past but we are proud to have changed the minds of even some of the most disillusioned.

The Workshop is normally run by two members of our team. No matter the project size, this process gives you a clear view of what to do next and a guide for the budget required to achieve your goals. For larger projects, you may choose to follow this up with a further planning session so you can get or share more detail.

Product Management, Strategy and Roadmap

This is an example of using well-known methodologies to deliver your project or system. Once we have all identified your goals, it’s time to get started with your Product Vision, Strategy and Roadmap. These are well-known steps in software product organisation, and we follow the same process for internal software organisation.

We’ll look at your company’s overarching vision or mission, the objectives of the back of this, and how you plan to meet them. We’ll decide the purpose of your system, and what positive change it should bring about. 
The outcome of this is being able to pull together a project roadmap. This will show what items/features will be built to meet the strategy and vision, who is responsible for building them, and an estimate of timing and cost.

Programme Planning

The likelihood is that you are currently looking to make an improvement in one or more areas of your organisation. Something came to a head that made you take this action. Do you know what the next challenge will be? Do you have a strategy to move your business forward over the coming years using appropriate technology? We can work with you to produce a 1-5 year plan, acting as your in-house technology advisors. To decide whether you need a programme plan consider some of these common issues and concerns:

  • The need to replace sections of functionality without impacting current business operations.
  • Will your requirements continue to change during development? This is often unavoidable but how will you manage this?
  • How to replace a legacy system? Is a phased approach possible or can it only be “big bang”?
  • If you start a multi-year project which will only deliver results at the end, what is the risk?
  • If you’ve heard the term digital transformation, programme planning is a crucial part of delivering and managing this.

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