What is Claris Connect?

Claris Connect makes integration really easy.

It allows us to quickly integrate your Claris FileMaker app with many other 3rd party tools and apps. Maybe you want to integrate Xero with your Claris FileMaker System, for example. Most organisations use more than one app to function well and as this blog explains, the perfect app might not existClaris Connect allows us to pull them all together to improve your workflows.

Connect your FileMaker System to these big names.

Real-life Claris Connect Solutions.

Here are just a few situations where we have used Claris Connect to make life easier for our clients.

Pulling data into a FileMaker App.

Through user forms with add ons from Typeform and Formstack.

Manage calendars straight from FileMaker.

With add ons from Google and Outlook. Manage bookings with Calendly.

Sending notifications to team members and clients.

Send messages from FileMaker to WhatsApp or Slack. Email from Mailchimp or Outlook.

Link to AWS S3, Amazon's Storage Solution.

This allows FileMaker Apps to store high numbers of documents and images without impacting system performance.

Securely link to anything with industry standard Webhooks.

I.e. Xero, a quote from quotient, leads from ZohoCRM or websites like WordPress and Shopify. All in your FileMaker App.

Claris Connect Improves Your Business WorkFlows.


With Claris Connect you can create entire automated workflows by connecting all your web applications. It means that you can automate your business processes whether they are done using cloud based or local on-premise apps.


It also securely integrates data sources. Claris Connect uses end-to-end encryption, Claris ID, OAuth, MFA, and more. Expert teams monitor Claris Connect 24/7.


By using Claris Connect you can reduce your development time and your development costs. It can also provide you with automation triggers and actions not easily achieved using more traditional development methods.

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