legacy system support

Legacy System Support.

If you have an existing legacy web system or legacy Claris FileMaker system and you want technical support or improvements, we can help. We know how critical your system is to you and that fast turnaround is vital.

We aim to be the closest thing to an in-house Development Team. For many companies existing Claris FileMaker system support, or web system support, is an afterthought, but for us, supporting legacy software is a standalone service that we pride ourselves in, and have refined to be as effective as possible.

We get straight to work on your legacy system.

If it’s a software technical support request for a legacy system and you know what you need, we can get started right away. We deal with your immediate issue. After this we assess and collect your enhancement list, such as integration with newer systems and any current bugs, and schedule them in. Working on a subscription basis, unless you would prefer ad hoc support, we act as your in-house technical development team.

How do I pay?

You can buy a block of time to improve your legacy system as a one-off, or batches of ongoing time on subscription. Subscription is great for ongoing help with business-as-usual improvements to an existing system and it saves you money. There is no deposit to pay. You simply pay an amount per month for the time you need. The time you don’t use rolls over. If you go over, we take it from the rolled-over bank of time.


Subscription rate £760/day.

A monthly rolling amount that can be used on development or support.

SLA for emergency help.

See our FAQs.

Book just ½ a day per month.

Requires a minimum commitment to return value.


Unused time rolls over. If you use too much we borrow from next month to cover it.

Or an ad-hoc £300 ticket.

We get our team working to either fix the issue or report on next steps.

How do you reassure and update me?

You get complete visibility of our task management tool, with control over the priorities on your action list. These show what we are working on within your legacy system and you approve the time we will spend. If you’re signed up for a subscription, you get monthly reports from us.

We can help with Claris FileMaker Licensing.

We can help you choose the best Claris FileMaker Licensing package for your organisation. You may feel you have neither the time nor the inclination to become a FileMaker Licensing expert. If so then we are happy to help and arrange everything for you. Call us any time to chat or contact us here. We are always happy to chat about FileMaker.

The Claris platform is made up of the following:

These can be purchased under a range of licensing programmes.

We can help with hosting.

FileMaker hosted in the Cloud is a fantastic way for companies to take advantage of the undoubted benefits of Claris FileMaker Server, but without the up-front cost, administrative overheads and security implications of having a physical server in-house.

We can guide you through a range of different options, depending on how many people use your database, how much storage you require. Deployment of FileMaker Cloud servers is quick and incredibly scalable, so if you need to add more user licenses or increase the storage capacity or processing speed of your server at short notice, it can be upgraded – or downgraded – almost instantly.

Legacy System Support FAQs

We onboard you. This is a straightforward process of us capturing information about you/your system.

  1. We collect information – We capture all the information we need to support your business and your system.
  2. We give information – We supply details on processes.

Depends on your need;

  1. Urgent – contact our support team and get a developer allocated.
  2. Non urgent – You’re able to book slots for a developer.

We have a Service Level Agreement, that defines how quickly we’ll respond depending on the impact to you

Critical – within 1 hour

High – within 2 working days

Medium – within one week

Low – within 2 weeks


Critical – We define these as: System down or no access to the system

High – The issue is causing the customer’s business and/or system data to be affected. There is no workaround

Medium – Functionality is affected but it is not affecting the underlying system data. There is a workaround

Low – Cosmetic issue only (e.g. wrong font, colour, field in wrong place etc.)

We allow you to control your own spend and task order. By giving you complete visibility of our task system, so you can add, approve estimates and priorities.

We also report everything at the end of the month, so you have a clear short report for people in your business who are not as up to speed on the detail, but need to understand an overview of the month.


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