We need advice.

It is very common for clients to come to us and say, “Help, we don’t know what we need to make things easier.”

When this happens, we are excited. This is where we can add the most value. It gives us a chance to look at your technology and use our expertise in Digital Business Consultancy to help your business or organisation run better.

How can you help me?

Our processes are so painful.

We can help you when your technology is limiting your business. It might be one app or many to sort it. We often hear phrases like, “we have so many spreadsheets”, “everything is on paper”, or “our processes are so painful and time consuming”.

We have so many stakeholders.

Some of the businesses we have helped have lots of departments and business locations. We can help with managing this.

We need change but where do we start?

Sometimes it is not possible to solve all business pains at once. We can help you prioritise and we stage the changes in chunks of build time.

We use some apps, but they don’t work together.

Working to integrate existing technology is so important for improving your workflows and the key to solving operational pains. And we will never suggest building something that already exists.

Our colleague built it and they need help / have left.

This is so common and we have lots of experience with picking up a project under these circumstances.

How do we get started?

We offer a free 1-hour consultancy so you get to chat to an expert to see if we can help your business. We may use a workshop or series of workshops to work out if you need some quick fixes, a small project or even a complete overhaul of your digital processes, or digital transformation . 

We are experts in Digital Business Consultancy.

When it comes to consulting and developing, you can be reassured that our team has experience advising on complex tech problems and creating systems for a wide variety of industries. From aerospace to couture wedding dresses, or the NHS to bespoke jewellers, we have diverse knowledge that we can apply to your situation.

If you want to make some decisions about digital solutions or technology in your organisation you can read more about our expertise in Digital Business Consultancy here.

Team GB: Kitting out the team for the Rio Olympics

We Know Data (in partnership with Sport:80) were approached by Team GB to provide a digital solution for the ‘Kitting Out’ days that occur before every major games tournament.

We Know Data pioneered a real-time Claris FileMaker solution that handled athletes’ arrivals at the venue and then incorporated iPad inputs for the athletes’ measurements as they try on various items of clothing.

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