Escape The Work Rut With A FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform.

Being stuck in a work rut is a very familiar situation for many of the businesses that we work with at We Know Data. There are some really common problems that we find businesses experience as they grow. Eventually, they become time-consuming and paralysing for a business. Find out more below about how a Claris FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform could help you beat the work rut.

Signs that you are stuck in a work rut

  • Lots of manual processes within the business.
  • Relying heavily on multiple spreadsheets. Version control becomes increasingly tricky to manage.
  • Wasting time every day looking for a current version document buried in your email, or your cloud storage, or a chat channel.
  • Many different disconnected systems.
  • Repetitive and time-consuming tasks.
  • Using many Appliance Apps, such as tools for accounting, messaging and file sharing. Really important tools for your business, however, they are not consolidated and synchronised and certainly not part of moving your business forward.
  • Rigid technology.  You can’t seem to get the right apps on the right devices or in the right places for the right staff etc.

Work Rut Signals FileMaker 

Do some of these problems sound painfully familiar? Fret not! You are not alone. We have seen many of our clients work through these issues by getting the right tech in place.

The aim: to free up your full attention for those business-critical, strategic projects.

Custom App Needs FileMaker 


How do I escape this work rut?

Often we find that a business’s technologies have reached their limit of helpfulness. Just like the many apps we mentioned, all very useful in their own right, but perhaps a hindrance when they are not working together.

Maybe you have researched enterprise systems, like ERP or CRM and been put off by the fear of 6 figure cost estimates for bespoke systems. For a smaller business or a single department, this kind of solution just isn’t an option.

We use FileMaker’s leading Workplace Innovation Platform to create custom apps and solve these problems for frazzled businesses.

A FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform allows you to bridge the gap between your Appliance Apps and the larger Enterprise Systems.” 

workplace innovation platform FileMakerYou most probably use an ad-hoc mix of appliance apps such as off-the-shelf accounting, email, and file sharing systems to help run the core aspects of your business. They are useful but don’t talk to one another, resulting in siloed information.

You may also use enterprise systems like ERP or CRM which can be effective for resourcing and customer relations but don’t meet the custom needs of your business. Appliance apps are limited, and enterprise systems are focused elsewhere. A Workplace Innovation Platform bridges this gap, acting as an intermediary between the two. No matter how your business evolves, the platform is fully customisable to support it.

Where do I start?

With a Workplace Innovation Platform like FileMaker, you can either build a custom app yourself or you can use a FileMaker Accredited Developer to help. You can find out more about FileMaker here. But what is really important is that the innovation belongs to you! We offer a free 1-hour consultation to see if it is something that could help you and your business beat the work rut.

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