Laservision: Transforming optician referral management with a new web portal. Using React and Laravel Development.


Web App


What was the opportunity to help?

Previously eye referrals, communication, and feedback were managed over email. It was hard to track the satisfaction surveys and any associated billing. The process was time heavy, manual and allowed for human error. Additionally, many consultants work for more than one organisation, which needs managing carefully. Laservision wanted a single place to manage patient and consultant information to work more efficiently and drive more sales. They also wanted to pitch for more work and needed a tool to represent their professional approach. And lastly, the solution needed to be achievable with a small-scale budget.

What was the solution?

To address LaserVision’s problems, we built a web app to manage all information around referrals, consultants, and patients. We developed the app with PHP (Laravel), and JavaScript. It provided immediate improvements to the team’s efficiency, automating many manual processes and reducing room for error.   

Key features

1. Referral Management
It manages the referral to the optician. Opticians add the referral directly. They then receive alerts and updates on their patient’s process. The process for opticians is easy and means the web portal is a selling point for working with LaserVision over another provider.    

2. Full visibility for opticians and consultants
A patient is referred back to the optician following their procedure, and reminders to submit feedback are then sent automatically.    

The optician has visibility of their patient within the portal. This keeps them up to date without a manual email update process.   

3. Notifications and updates
Email notifications and reminders are sent at key points in the process. Documents like discharge letters are saved, and viewable later. Carefully timed updates are also sent. For example, when test results are added to the portal LaserVision gets an update 6 weeks later.    

4. Managing feedback
LaserVision can check in on the portal for updates when an optician sends back a satisfaction survey and test results.

5. Security
We built the system to include 2-factor authentication for added reassurance of security.

How did our work make a difference?

LaserVision quickly went from a process involving multiple emails and communications to a more automated approach, managed through their new online portal. The team immediately saw time-saving benefits. The portal makes gathering feedback easy, which is vital for them as a business. LaserVision is now much easier to work with, improving their ability to pitch their services to opticians and consultants. The portal has a clean and professional interface that fits with their brand approach. This project was also a great example of a manageable solution aimed at helping one part of a business. The web app took weeks and not months of build time. The budget was maximised by adding as many useful features as possible. Our web developers who specialise in Laravel Development and React Development also shared knowledge from other projects to improve the customer experience.

Key facts and figures.

Number of development days used in total


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