Celebrating 10 years of We Know Data. Our trip to Oxford.

It's 10 years since We Know Data was founded.

At the end of the summer the We Know Data team downed tools for a couple of days and made our way to Oxford for our anniversary celebrations.  

It was an action-packed couple of days. We of course started proceedings with a team meeting to discuss the future direction of the company. But very quickly the focus of the weekend moved to enjoying yummy food at The Folly Restaurant on their floating river terrace and river boat trips with champagne in hand. We also enjoyed a fascinating tour of Oxford to find out about its history. 

By far the best work-out of the weekend was our visit to Oxford Wet n Wild, where laughing at our attempts was the best exercise of all. All we shall say is that it is a lot harder than it looks! 

The most important things we learnt on the trip… Stathis is particularly good at backflips!

Thank you to the team members who helped plan the trip. 


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