8 benefits of using Laravel to build web apps

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Why do our Laravel developers love Laravel?

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages in existence. It’s used for many web applications, including WordPress, Drupal and Magento. PHP has been around for decades now and is still going strong! 

However, one thing that has changed over those years is the framework we use to build our applications with PHP. 

In this post we will be talking about some of the benefits of the Laravel framework and the reasons our developers like to use Laravel as a backend framework for software development, and how it can help us develop an app quicker and easier than using other frameworks/libraries. 

1. It is easy to use 

It is an easy programming language to learn. The syntax is simple, the learning curve is low, and the API is intuitive. 

This makes it easier for beginners to get started with PHP and web application development. What’s more, Laravel has a great community who constantly help each other on forums such as Laracasts or Reddit. 

2. It helps reduce development time

Laravel is a fast framework. It was developed by Taylor Otwell as an alternative to the Symfony framework. Laravel’s development speed has significantly reduced development time and costs for many businesses because it comes with many core features pre-built, as you’ll see below. This speed is only possible thanks to the features such as the built-in templating engine, and simple routing system. 

3. Laravel has excellent security features

To help you keep your data safe, Laravel has a variety of built-in security features. For example, it hashes user passwords using the latest security standards. This is the most secure and easy way to create secure passwords. It also provides an encrypted cookie handler, which makes it harder for hackers to steal your users’ session information.  

4. Laravel has packages 

So, what are packages? Packages are a great way to add functionality to your app. They can be used to extend the functionality of Laravel or even just add some features that you would like to use in your application. First off, it’s important to note that packages aren’t required for building web applications with Laravel. However, they’re definitely worth looking at if you want more out of your framework without having to write lots of custom code yourself. 

5. It has standard and social email authentication built in 

Laravel’s default authentication system is a great starting point for most web applications. It’s easy to setup and comes with standard support for email/password authentication, but it also has some built-in functionality that allows you to add social authentication with a few lines of code. This is great for when you have an application that lets users register for an account through an existing social media provider like Facebook or Github. It lets users set up their accounts faster and avoid having to make yet another username and password combination. 

6. It has a nice ORM (Object Relational Mapper)

Laravel has a nice ORM (Object Relational Mapper). 

An Object-relational mapper is a programming tool that allows you to map database structures to objects in code. Why would you want such a thing? It makes working with databases easier by providing methods for accessing and manipulating data in your database as if they were actual objects. You can write less code when using an ORM because instead of writing SQL statements.  

This also allows for more flexibility when changing how various parts of your application interact with each other because each part only needs to know about its own portion of the model layer. It doesn’t need to know anything about how other parts work or what queries they might be running against their respective tables in order for those parts to work together smoothly. 

7. Easy deployment and scalability 

Laravel has been around a while and has a diverse ecosystem of helpful services to make sure that it can scale with your business’ journey. Examples of this are deployment, continuous integration and worldwide scaling. It isn’t going to hold you back further down the line as this ecosystem is continuously evolving.  

8. Testing is easy 

Testing is a big part of the development process. Testing helps you ensure that your application will work as intended, and it’s one of the best ways to prevent bugs from sneaking into production code. 

Laravel makes testing simple, with built-in tools for testing controllers and model relationships. 

Could we help you? We are a Laravel Development Agency based in London, UK.

This why we use Laravel for web apps. It makes our jobs easier, allows us to focus on building great products, and helps us get a lot done in less time. 

Our Laravel developers use this PHP framework to create web apps and software, solving problems for organisations of many types.

We hope this article about the benefits of Laravel has given insight into why we use it and how it could help you. You can read a case study here about how we helped LaserVision improve their processes using Laravel.  

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