Rob Speakman, Founding Director of We Know Data, selected for Claris Partner Council

Rob Speakman Claris Partner Council Rob Speakman, the Founding Director of We Know Data, has been selected to sit on the Claris Partner Council. This is a chance for him to share ideas from our developers and clients and collaborate directly with the Claris executive team.

What is the Claris Partner Council?

The Claris Partner Council (CPC) is a collaboration between Claris and a selection of Claris Business Alliance Partners from across the globe. It is an advisory board that provides input on new products, services and solutions. The purpose of the council is to share ideas, share plans for mutual growth, and foster collaboration to ensure a thriving FileMaker ecosystem. 


It aims to provide great communication between Claris and the Claris Partner Community. The Council meets twice per quarter. Rob Speakman will sit on this council with partners from all over the world. 


Rob says, “The Claris Partner Council will be a fantastic way for us to make a positive impact on changes and developments at Claris, helping both our team and clients.”

How to raise something with the council?

Maybe you have a challenge or an opportunity to raise with the council. If there is an idea or issue that you would like Rob to raise with the Claris Partner Council you can do so by filling in this Claris Partner Council form.

We Know Data is a Claris Business Alliance Platinum Partner

We Know Data is a Claris Business Alliance Platinum Partner with a team of Certified FileMaker Developers. If you need help with an existing FileMaker System or you are looking at a new digital solution for your organisation get in touch. We offer a Free 1 Hour Consultation

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