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  1. A new dashboard for staff to provide a system overview.

  2. Setting up an integration with Xero for vastly improved, cross-company financial management.

  3. Integration of currency exchange information. 

  4. Completing work to merge the functionality of a partner’s system into the new system to provide a new cross-company system that was fit for purpose. 

  5. An overhaul of communications, automating wherever possible.

  6. Integration with WhatsApp. 

How did our work make a difference?

Thadeus now has a system-driven process that will save them 1000s of man-hours. Thadeus’ new system also works to a standardized business flow that can work across countries and businesses. They can guarantee financial consistencies across all elements of their business and efficiently provide their service internationally. They have greater visibility of the current status of all accounts, their sales, and invoices, making it easier for the team to keep track of the ongoing journey of their client's requests. They are better at keeping their staff happy with a new integrated process to handle commissioning. In short, they can automate many of their processes, with over 50% of business functions no longer providing manual input from a team member.

Key facts and figures.

Estimated man hours saved per day


Automated processes


Number of partner businesses able to use the same system


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