Thadeus: Unleashing the power of WhatsApp Integration with Claris Connect

Thadeus provides a bespoke concierge service for the super-wealthy. We have worked with Thadeus to provide many digital enhancements to their organisation. Here we integrated WhatsApp into a FileMaker System, creating a huge efficiency boost for the Thadeus team.


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What was the client's opportunity?

For Thadeus’ high net worth clients, time is a luxury they cannot afford to lose, and most communications are managed on the move through WhatsApp. The Thadeus team carries out all sorts of tasks for their clients. This results in a vast amount of actions within their FileMaker system, e.g. Shopping delivery notes or event purchase confirmations. Before coming to us the Thadeus team would manually update each other and their clients using WhatsApp following the system event. This means literally 1000s of Whatsapp messages a day to manually create and manage, and lots of copying and pasting!

What was the solution?

Our Team has provided many digital enhancements to Thadeus’ processes, and here we used Claris Connect, alongside the customer engagement platform, Twilio, to integrate their new FileMaker System with WhatsApp. This development means we were able to create process-driven communications direct from their FileMaker System. System events such as delivery confirmations, or invoice notifications, will automatically send a WhatsApp message to managers, clients, or even their clients' staff.

How did our work make a difference?

The updates have improved team efficiency and made bespoke, high-level customer service much easier to manage. Of the many thousand WhatsApps sent by the Team each day, a very large % are now automated. It has meant that the Thadeus team has been able to free up so much of their time. They have also been able to remain with FileMaker and not make a costly change to the platform they use. You can read about other ways we have helped Thaddeus with the technology and processes on our Projects page.

Key facts and figures.

WhatsApps sent per manager per day


Increase in automatic processes


Time gained per team member, per day following use of automated Whatsapp Notifications


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