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The 10 Best Remote Working Tools

If you are now finding yourself working from home for the foreseeable future, we wanted to provide as much guidance as we can on great software options to make your remote working experience as efficient and painless as possible. We are not only software developers, we have also been working remotely from all corners of the country for some time. This means there isn’t a remote working tool that we haven’t given a go.

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FileMaker Go

5 signs you need the Claris FileMaker Platform

We’re just loving Claris’s new way of explaining how beneficial their Claris FileMaker Platform can be for your business. We also wanted to share their new video, and their report which provides a useful list of 5 signs that you are ready to invest in the FileMaker Platform. Welcome to the FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform. Often we

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FileMaker Questions

Do you ever worry that you’ve outgrown FileMaker?

“Have we outgrown FileMaker?” This is a concern that we often hear from long term users of FileMaker. However, once we examine the mechanics of such companies, and how they run, it is almost never the case that FileMaker isn’t up to the job. Usually it is the organisation that has failed to keep pace and

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security measures for your business

6 security measures for keeping your information secure

We are often asked about what measures our partner businesses should be taking to keep their information secure. Recently the office of New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman released a summary of the year 2016 data breaches, which were up 60% on last year. Unsurprisingly, hacking accounted for 40% of the incidents reported,

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