Claris release FileMaker 2024: These are the features we’re getting excited about.

Claris Launches FileMaker 2024

Claris have just announced the launch of FileMaker 2024, and there are a whole bunch of exciting new features, including:  Approximately 200 new issues fixed, to improve performance, compatibility and reliability  Improved JSON functions and Data API script steps to further simplify integration with other systems  Support for managing SSL certificates via industry standard Let’s … Read more

Want to build your own business app? Low-code tools are amazing, but only if you do the planning!   

Low code system planning

If you want to build your own business app, low code tools have made this possible. Bespoke business app development is no longer the sole domain of experienced developers. With user-friendly tools like Claris FileMaker Pro, Claris Connect and Claris Studio, developers of all abilities now have the option to build their own business apps. So now, … Read more

Claris released a Product Strategy Update. Read our summary of what the changes mean for FileMaker.

Claris have made a product strategy update. Here's our summary of what the changes mean.

There have been a lot of changes to the FileMaker platform over the last few years.  On the one hand, this is fantastic – it shows that, although the application has been around for nearly 40 years, they’re not standing still.  Claris announce a product strategy update. With the introduction of REST API integration, Claris … Read more

Looking for the perfect off-the-shelf software solution? FileMaker integration can help.  

Claris Connect FileMaker Integration

The perfect off-the-shelf software tool doesn’t exist.  We are often asked about the advantages and disadvantages of off-the-shelf software. Many clients we speak to have spent years shopping around for the perfect off-the-shelf software app to handle each area of their business. They inevitably find something that looks like it does the job, before starting a … Read more

Claris FileMaker 2023 is here. We take a test drive of our favourite new feature.

Claris FileMaker 2023 update

Mark Allen, our Head of Live Development, gives us his thoughts on the latest release of Claris FileMaker 2023.  A new FileMaker release packed with exciting new features. Claris have just announced a new release of FileMaker, which includes major enhancements to both FileMaker Pro 2023 and FileMaker Server 2023.  Although there are a whole host of … Read more

Rob Speakman, Founding Director of We Know Data, selected for Claris Partner Council

Rob Speakman, the Founding Director of We Know Data, has been selected to sit on the Claris Partner Council. This is a chance for him to share ideas from our developers and clients and collaborate directly with the Claris executive team. What is the Claris Partner Council? The Claris Partner Council (CPC) is a collaboration … Read more

‘I hate workshops!’ How we run workshops that clients love and lead to great work.

When one of our clients announced that he hated workshops it was not a surprise. This is a statement we often hear from clients when the word workshop crops up. It’s a catch-all term that is arguably up there with ‘brainstorm’ and ‘low-hanging fruit’. We have all had that moment where we are sat in … Read more

Claris Developer, Amy Davidson, wins Rising Star Award at Claris Excellence Awards

Amy Davidson Rising Star Award

We are thrilled to announce that one of our We Know Data team, Amy Davidson, has won Claris 2021 Rising Star Award at the Claris Excellence Awards 2021. This award is given to an individual Claris Partner who is  “new to the Claris Platform and is poised to be a force within the Claris Community by … Read more

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